Which Team This Year; Alabama Or Auburn

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Which Team This Year; Alabama Or Auburn
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I live in the middle of the most heated rivalry of all time. The middle of Alabama, where Rednecks and Good Ol' Boys have lived their whole life. Where their great grandparents have lived and been farming for many of years. Where some families have been living in the same area for a 100 or more years.

If you don't already know which rivalry i'm talking about, it's the Auburn and Alabama rivalry. Most people call it the biggest rivalry of all time, especially if your talking in state rivalries;There isn't a bigger one.

I've seen many of these two teams fans flip flop to the other team. Which ever one is projected to win in the Iron Bowl that year, loses a coach, or has the better preseason ranking.

The point I'm trying to make is how can you be a fan of a team and swap teams to your most hated rival. I think it is awful and really low to do this. I think once you pick a team, stay with that team through thick and thin, no matter what happens.  Even if you like another team, never turn your back on the team you have once fought for and loved.

I am a die hard Tennessee Vols fan and would never switch to Florida, Alabama, or Kentucky. It is really ridiculous on how Alabama and Auburn fans do the swapping.

I was wanting to know does anyone else see this kind of thing happening in other areas around the country?

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