Mailbag Question: Passing Attack

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Mailbag Question: Passing Attack
With the recent question regarding QBs, I guess I am wondering how Michigan's passing attack will look. I know that we can anticipate a wide-array of screens and shallow passes, but will we ever stretch the field and do our QBs have that capability? I know that running the ball is important and a part of Michigan's legacy, but when push came to shove, Michigan has always had the capability to throw darts all over the field. How many times do you anticipate Rodriguez throwing? Everybody always says that Rodriguez will take what the defense gives him, but with all these athletes in our backfield and that, he has recruited, will we be able to stretch the field? Does Threet have the ability to run the 4 and 5 wide receiver sets?
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Thanks for the question. Depends on what you mean by stretch. Big part of any spread offense is the fade route. It is generally used any time Cornerbacks are playing press or tight coverage. Spreads also use some sort of skinny post, or safety read off the post look that will take advantage of safeties who decide to crowd the line of scrimmage.

When defenses show three deep coverage with Free Safety playing between the hashes teams like to run slots vertical to put Free Safety in a bind. All these routes are generally in the 15 to 20 yard vicinity. They are not the 50-yard bombs most of us have grown accustomed.

Even in pro style multiple Wide Receivers sets, teams that attack vertical do so with Tight End and Running Back helping in Max protection. These types of routes take time to develop and need the extra protection a Tight End and Running Back in the game provide.

As for the Quarterbacks, Threet and Feagin may not have the cannons Mallett showed, but both have more than enough arm to keep defenses honest.

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