David Tyree: His Ups and Downs

Ben SandbergCorrespondent IJune 23, 2008

In Super Bowl XLII, David Tyree made an unbelievable catch. That catch propelled the underdog New York Giants to a heroic victory over the New England Patriots.

But many do not know David Tyree's other story.

Tyree was born on Jan. 3, 1980, in Livingston, New Jersey. He had to overcome many obstacles along the course of his life. After playing three years of football at high school in Montclair, New Jersey, Tyree attended Syracuse to play football for the Orangemen.

Syracuse, a quiet town, presented Tyree with a boring college life. He would attend binge-drinking parties, where he would wake up the next morning horrified, because he had no idea what had previously occurred.

When Tyree was drafted by the Giants, he made a decision to serve Jesus Christ. He believed that God was the most influential factor in his rise to the NFL.

Although he was the special teams’ Rookie of the Year, his life started to unfold. Tyree was soon sentenced to jail for drug use and DWI. There, he prayed to God and hoped for the best.

After Tyree left jail, he received a text message from his wife stating that she was pregnant. Once he arrived home in Syracuse, he closed up wounds that were left behind with his wife and his family.

Now, coming off a miraculous win in the Super Bowl, Tyree is looking forward to the future—as a football player and a father.