Wang Down: What's the Yankees Next Move?

Ben SandbergCorrespondent IJune 23, 2008

Last weekend, the Yankees' Universe collapsed. Yankee fans around the world witnessed their star pitcher, Chien-Ming Wang go down with an injury.

While Wang hobbled around third, he doubled up in pain after crossing home plate. This injury came at a time when the Yankees looked like they had finally found themselves.

Now the Yankees have to look into either the free-agent market or the trade market for pitchers. A few prospects they will have their eyes on are: Paul Byrd, C.C Sabbathia, and Bronson Arroyo.

Byrd, who is coming off a season of steroid and HGH investigation, will not be a good fit for the Yankees. Sabbathia is coming off of a Cy-Young season and could assume the role of ace in the Yankees' rotation—a spot that was once occupied by Wang.

Arroyo, on the other hand, is a pitcher that has proven his greatness, but this season is pitching with an ERA peaking into the fives. The major issue with the Yankees in getting one of these pitchers is who to trade away.

They have many pitching prospects that these teams will jump at. However, the Yankees have made costly decisions with young prospects in the past.

In 1998, the Yankees traded Eric Milton and Christan Guzman to the Twins for Chuck Knoblach. Knoblach became a fan favorite in New York, but left the team after the 2001 season. Milton proved to be a strong presence in the Twins' locker room, and became a 15-game winner for them.

In addition, Guzman became a stolen-base threat and a great shortstop for the team. If the Yankees analyze their prospects more closely during this trade period, I think they will come up big at the deadline.