For All Of You Who Doubt The Lakers

Dean AshCorrespondent IJune 23, 2008

Consider this: 

The Lakers dominated the Celtics at times.  They won two games, should have won Game Four, and could have won Game Two in Boston, almost coming all the way back from the same deficit the Celtics came back from in Game Four. 

Unfortunately, timing can seem like everything, and they played one of their worst games of the season in Game Six, and that is what people will remember.

Doesn't it seem as if Game Six was an untimely aberration, rather than a basis for analyzing the entire series?  Isn't the more insightful question to ask why they were not able to play at a high level throughout the series, rather than dismissing them as no match for the Celtics? 

Recall the Game One loss in 1985, 148-114.  The loss was just as bad, but the timing was a lot better.

Next year, with the return of Andrew Bynum, the Lakers are a clear favorite to return to the NBA finals.  His return will allow Pau Gasol to move back to power forward, which is his true position.  The Lakers must also decide whether to trade or keep Lamar Odom, who in the NBA finals showed his true weakness, shooting. 

The key to winning a title next year for the Lakers will be their ability
to play defense which they lacked against Boston.