Why Chris Jericho and Big Show Must Win The Unified Tag Team Titles

brandon crosswhiteContributor IJanuary 2, 2010

the WWE has been trying to get there tag divison alive again,but giving the stale DX the titles doesnt make no sense when there going to drop the titles this monday anyways.


here a few things why i think we will have new tag champs


1.shawn michaels vs the undertaker-unless the WWE is not going to have a tag team match i dont see why they would keep the titles on somone who wont be defending them HBK wants to prove he can beat the undertaker at wrestlemania.

2.triple h is to huge of a superstar to not be in the mainevent for the WWE championship

3.Edge is coming back and we want christian to be off ECW let me explain,chris jericho and edge became the unfied tag champs but edge got hurt and chris jericho balamed him resulting in edge becoming a Face christian cant be ECW champion forever so what better way than to have Edge and christian fight big show and chris jericho for the unfied tag team titles.

4.bret hart will screw HBK out of the titlesand we will see HBK vs bret hart at wrestlemania a dream match.

the point is come jan 4 2010 chirs jericho and big will be champs again