MMA Dream Team: Pick Your Fantasy 5

Greg ParfittCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2010

I was a bit bored this morning and I've been reading a lot about big sporting events coming in 2010. I'm a big soccer fan and with it being World Cup year it got me thinking about the best MMA nations.

So I have come up with a little bit of an interesting idea as I am a fan of doing Fantasy Football teams. Here is the challenge; You have to pick a team of 5, 1 from each weight class (Heavyweight-Lightweight), they all most be from a different country.

It seems pretty obvious but its not as easy as you think. Below is what I have come up with, see if you come up with any better.

Fighter Nation

Heavyweight -  Fedor  Russia

LightHeavyweight -  Forrest Griffin USA

Middleweight -  Anderson Silva Brazil

Welterweight -  GSP Canada

Lightweight -  Shinya Aoki Japan


I think my Fantasy 5 is pretty solid. With so many of the top fighters coming from USA and Brazil it makes it tricky. Just a bit of fun, I look forward to your picks.