Time Warner Customers Will See 2010 BCS

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Time Warner Customers Will See 2010 BCS
Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Earlier, I blogged about the standoff that had Time Warner customers who also happen to be college football fans shaking in their Snuggies. 

Well, mark that crisis as "averted ," because News Corp. and the cable giant agreed to a new deal just hours ago.  Neither side has disclosed the details of the new contract, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a gridiron fan who cares.

"We're pleased that, after months of negotiations, we were able to reach a fair agreement with Time Warner Cable—one that recognizes the value of our programming," Chase Carey, deputy chairman of News Corp., said in a statement.

"We're happy to have reached a reasonable deal with no disruption in programming for our customers," said Glenn Britt, chairman of Time Warner Cable.

Now that these two sides have made nice, more than 13 million people are assured access to the broadcast of the 2010 BCS National Championship.

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