Randolph and Gasol: A Tandem in The Paint.

Jordan VlachContributor IJanuary 1, 2010

The Memphis Grizzlies have one of the best Center/Power Forward tandems in the NBA. Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol are as good as it gets when you are talking about two players that complement each other well. Per game they average 35.3 points and 21.4 rebounds per contest. Little was known about how well they would play together this year. Gasol had a solid last year as a rookie and nobody really knew if Randolph would have the same numbers he put up in his previous years. But it didn't take long to figure out Randolph is just what the Grizzlies needed to get the job done inside. The last 7 games have been huge for Randolph he is averaging 25.5 ppg and 16.2 rpg, and the Grizzlies are 6-1. For Gasol the last 7 games, he has averaged 17.3 ppg and 11 rpg.

The Grizzlies have really played like a playoff team the past few weeks. They are sitting pretty good right now (10th in the West and 15-16 overall). Some think this is the year for the Grizzlies to make the playoffs. They have the players, but do they have what it takes to get to the big time? Bench production has been a problem in the early season, and Hasheem Thabeet is having a bust like season (2.8ppg 3.1rpg). Randolph and Gasol has had to carry the load for the big men this year. With little help from Thabeet, and Haddadi hasn't really had the chance to prove himself, the two big men are doing fine. The Grizzlies are 3rd in rebounds per game (43.9 pg) and 1st in offensive rebounds per game (13.7). The downfall of the season is the Grizzlies are 5th in turnovers with 15 per game. If they want to make a playoff run they have to limit the TO's and hit more 3s. With 51 games left in the season the Grizzlies could definaltly make a run, its going to be really interesting to see what happens the rest of the season. Can Randolph and Gasol continue to carry the load inside for the Grizzlies? We will find out.