The Sports Courier Predicts TNA Has Paul Heyman To Oppose WWE Creative

Tim ListAnalyst IJanuary 1, 2010

In a most interesting article posted by The Sports Courier, it is speculated TNA Wrestling will blast out during its first unopposed hour this Monday January 4th during the 1st Monday Night Wrestling Wars in 9 years. Vince McMahon's WWE will be challenged by a new version of TNA, lead by former WCW President Eric Bischoff, WWE Wrestlemania and All Time Legend Hulk Hogan, TNA President Dixie Carter, and surprises they will unveil on Monday Night.

According to the article, which was written by Fred Richani and posted here (, there is a 95% that former WWE superstar Ken "Mr. Kennedy" Anderson will make his TNA debut this Monday night. Before you discredit this source, think about it. Anderson has been relatively quiet. He took some Nu-Wrestling Evolution and Hulkamania Tour international bookings, but has not popped up much, if at all stateside in a wrestling capacity. Anderson even said on his Twitter that he wasn't a free agent. This was in response to a fan mentioning he was “the hottest free agent in wrestling.”

Now here comes the big surprise.

From the article:

Here's the real bombshell. We are told there is a 75% chance, if not better, that former ECW owner, WWE manager/commentator, and creative genius Paul Heyman will debut for TNA on Monday night. In fact, it is believed that he may be the first person you see on your television screen, assuming the now non-WWE contracted Shane McMahon doesn't decide to take a stroll (now that would freeze hell over) to Orlando, Florida.

On a side note, if Heyman does debut for TNA on Monday night, it further pieces everything together. RVD and Anderson did the Hulkamania Tour. RVD is tight with Hogan. Heyman is loyal to Anderson and RVD. Heyman can provide the creativity and sense that has been lacking in TNA's booking for quite some time.

And here's some food for thought. Tommy Dreamer left WWE's ECW brand. He is actually not contracted by WWE anymore. In fact, he can't appear on television for a major promotion until a designated 90-day period ends. I ask you readers this.

Who said Dreamer would go to TNA as a wrestler?

If Heyman shocks the world Monday night, expect Dreamer to be backstage and involved in some creative/road agent capacity in the very near future (aka a non-televised/non-active wrestling role).

Lastly, we were told that none of us should be surprised if Booker T returns to Raw this Monday night for WWE, as a way of Vince McMahon letting TNA know “I won't acknowledge you, but I know you're there.”

Hulk Hogan seems to be doing what he's said since joining TNA: I'm shaking things up.