Mayweather Steroids and Paquiao

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 Mayweather Steroids and Paquiao
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

i know that bob arum( the money maker ) fall in love with paquiao but wait a minute , and lets think for a while together

the way paquioa playing the round # 12 and the round # 1 is the same wich means either the guy is really pacman either the guy is superman , and we all know that he lost 3 times 2 times by ko wich means he just manny paquiao

maybe he changed after freddie roach and bob arum ??!!

i think yes he did  , the main thing here that most of people hate maywether and the guy still 40/0 so alot of us wanna see him losing at least once by the angle paquiao lol

i dont know why bob arum and paquiao  refusing blood test , once they said that paquiao has phobia than they said that if paquiao give blood he will be weak

if paquiao make blood test so mayweather will make the same blood test at the same time

so no excuses ,

unless paquiao and arum are hiding some thing and they wont us to know it

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