Storylining:Maryse vs Gail vs Jillian

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Storylining:Maryse vs Gail vs Jillian

Hello one and all!This is my not so famous storylining blog in which I take the role of the WWE Creative Team and write up what I would do with the company's workers if I were in charge.The following storyline is based around current happenings in the wrestling world and my sole opinion/crazy ideas,assuming each ppv takes place two-four weeks at a time.Today we'll take a look at a storyline between Maryse,Gail Kim,and Jillian.


Week 1-Melina's Diva's title is forfeited on Raw.A promo of Melina's 'injury' is played.Melina,crutches and all then apoligizes to the fans in the middle of the ring.Maryse comes out to interrupt her.

The two go back and forth with sparring words until Maryse kicks Melina's injured leg out.She leaves maniacally laughing.

There's a randomly placed match later that night.

Week 2-Vince announces that the diva who impresses him most from all three brands will be in the finals for the Diva's title.

Jillian beats Eve that night.Afterwards she cuts a promo in a serious tone about how the Diva's Championship was stolen from her,and how she intends to get it back.Then she brutally attacks Eve and walks away.

Smackdown-Mickie goes up against Natalya.She wins with a rollup and is later attacked by Beth.Beth then cuts a promo about how the Glamazon is the uber-Diva,the most dominant in ages,and how she will be Diva's and Women's Champ.

Week 3-Maryse,Kelly,Alicia,and Gail fight in a fatal four-way match.After Gail hits Alicia with her finisher,Maryse pulls her out of the ring and pins Alicia.

Maryse tries to leave but Gail attacks her from the back,the refs break it up.

Superstars-Mickie and Eve beat Beth and Jillian.Beth and Jillian argue after the match.Jillian slaps Beth,and then Beth dominates Jillian before hitting her Glamslam.

Smackdown-Michelle is interviewed on her thoughts of the Diva's tournament.She says she could care less,because she's the Women's Champion,and she's already held the Diva's Championship.

Later,Vince announces that everyone has impressed him,so he's decided to have the first ever Diva's Battle Royal at the Royal Rumble to determine the new Diva's Champion.

Week 4-Royal Rumble:The eliminations were as follows,

Beth eliminates the Bellas at the same time,

Jillian eliminates Maria,

Alicia eliminates Kelly,

Natalya eliminates Rosa,

Maryse eliminates Eve,

Mickie eliminates Alicia,

Gail eliminates Natalya,

Gail eliminates Layla,

Mickie eliminates Jillian,

Maryse eliminates Mickie,

Gail edges out Beth.

Maryse eliminates Gail,

Match Time-15:00

Final Six-Layla,Jillian,Mickie,Beth,Gail,and Maryse.

Final Four-Mickie,Beth,Gail,and Maryse.

Final Two-Gail and Maryse.


Raw-Gail is interviewed about the battle royal from the night before,being in the bottom two,and finally being unexpectedly eliminated by Maryse.She begins to talk when Maryse intervenes,saying she's the new champ so why isn't she being interviewed?

Maryse flaunts the title in Gail's face,and Gail says that she can't wait to beat her in their tag match that night.

Gail,Eve,and Kelly beat Maryse,Jillian,and Alicia.

Gail pinned Maryse with her Eat Defeat'.



Week 1-In a number one contender's match between Gail,Kelly,Eve,Jillian,and Alicia,Gail wins.

Gail cuts a promo,calling out Maryse.Maryse's music plays but she hits Gail from the back with her title.*Cue hair flip*

Week 2-Backstage,Kelly and Gail are talking about Maryse's attack.Kelly says she'll get payback for Gail tonight against Maryse.

Maryse shows up and tells Gail that she'll never get her baby (The title).She invites Gail to assist Kelly in the match so she can watch Maryse wipe the floor with her "little friend".

During the match,Maryse pushes Gail on the outside.While Gail tries to get in the ring,Kelly is distracted.Maryse uses this distraction to nail her in the head with her French Kiss (Roundhouse kick) for the 1,2,3.

Week 3-Gail beats Alicia.After the match,Gail says it's only a matter of time before she gets Maryse's title on Sunday,then she taunts maryse with her own patented hair flip.

Week 4-Elimination Chamber:On the outside Maryse pulls Gail by her tights into the steel steps.Gail is knocked out and counted out.Maryse retains.

Match Time-8:35


Week 1-Gail and Maryse have a non-title match.When Gail goes up to the top rope,Jillian comes from the back and pushes her from the top into the gaurd rail.Gail is counted out for a second time.

Week 2-Jillian is asked why she did what she did last week.Jillian says she "has her reasons",then smirks and walks off.

Gail storms into Vince's office and demands a match with Jillian.He grants her wish.

While Gail walks to the ring the lights flicker and you can barely see an attack going on.The lights black out for a few moments,you hear screams from Gail.When the lights turn back on,noone is in or around the ring.

Later on the titantron,Maryse and Jillian have Gail tied with ropes around a chair.They call themselves the Sexiest of the Sexy (SOS),maniacally staring at Gail,going from angry to sad to crazy happy in many moments.They say they're tired of Gail and have teamed up to take her out.

Week 3-Jillian accompanies Maryse to a match with Eve.They bring Gail down while she's tied around the chair to watch the whole thing.Throughout the match Gail screams and squirms.Maryse pins Eve.


Week 4-Jillian and Maryse again cut a promo on the titantron with Gail tied up.They say everyone's too afraid to help her out,because they know that if they do,the Sexiest of the Sexy will crush them.

This time,Maryse accompanies Jillian to a match against Kelly.Maryse distracts Kelly,and Jillian smashes their perfume bottle against Kelly's head for the win.

When Maryse tries to go inside the ring and celebrate,Savannah yanks her legs from under her to make her face eat mat.Then the fireball runs the SOS off and releases Gail from the chair.

Savannah,now Angela Kim says she's Gail's sister and won't allow those two "tramps" to attack her sister.

Superstars-Gail vs Maryse for the Diva's title at Wrestlemania is announced,and Angela says that now Gail has back up.

Angela and Gail win a tag team match against Alicia and Natalya.

Wrestlemania-Maryse accompanied by Jillian vs Gail accompanied by Angela is next.

The SOS cut a promo as well as Angela and Gail.

Jillian tries to hand the belt to Maryse for a win while distracting the ref,but Angela gets Maryse from behind with a missle dropkick.Then she attacks Jillian and Gail gets the win.

Match Time-11:15

Week 1-Maryse blames Jillian for her loss,stating that if she wants to be a part of the SOS,she better up her game.

Angela beats Maryse later that night after another botched 'helping' from Jillian,then Maryse yells at Jillian,flips her hair in her face,and walks off.

Week 2-Maryse and Jillian are backstage.Jillian is putting on Maryse's makeup.Maryse looks in the mirror and says,"Uggh!".She tells Jillian that she needs to get it together,or else.

Jillian and Maryse go up against Angela and Gail.Maryse refuses to tag in yelling at Jillian to "do it yourself!".Gail pins Jillian and Maryse walks away unamused.

Week 3-Maryse tells Jillian that what she did last week was simply "tough love",and she hopes Jillian knows what she needs of her.Jillian says,"Yeah,I know exactly what you need".Jillian smirks.

Maryse goes up against Eve.Jillian costs Maryse the match purposefully,and then tries to 'apologize'.Maryse tries to storm off again but Jillian takes off her boot and whacks Maryse off the apron.Then the attack ensues until Maryse is completely knocked out.



Week 1-Maryse says that since a "psycho's on the loose" she needs her beautiful body to be protected,so she hired a bodygaurd.In comes Mia Mancini (Serena).She says that if anyone wants to get to her,they have to get through Mia.

Angela,accompanied by Gail,goes against Alicia.In the middle of the match Maryse directs Mia to attack Angela.Mia takes out Angela,Gail,and Alicia.When Jillian tries to help,she's taken out too.Maryse raises the Divas title up.

Week 2-Mia defeats Gail and Angela in a handicap match.

Jillian shows up on the titantron.She announces that a triple threat match between Gail,Maryse,and herself for the title will be held at Extreme Rules in a hardcore rules match.

Week 3-Mia accompanied by Maryse vs Jillian is next.Maryse tries to trip Jillian up.Jillian drags Maryse into the ring by her hair and Mia takes advantage by laying her out.Mia gets the 1,2,3.

Week 4-Extreme Rules:Gail is accompanied by Angela,Maryse by Mia,and Jillian stands alone.Mia hands a weapon to Maryse,Angela tries to stop her,and then gets run over for her troubles.

Mia takes Jillian out of the match by tying her hair around a steel ring post.Angela takes Mia down with a steel chair and distracts Maryse.Then Gail hits her finisher for the win.

Gail celebrates with Angela,and Angela eyes the title suspiciously...

Match Time-9:00

That was my wild ol' storyline.So,what'd you think?Was it funny,cool,pushing the boundaries,or just plain stupid?Did you have any suggestions of your own?Or maybe you just think something should've been tweaked?Whatever the case may be,sound off in the comments!










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