Texas Tech Students Show Support for Mike Leach

Alli MContributor IJanuary 1, 2010

Lubbock, TexasStanding from head to toe in weather resistant clothing about 20 students or so, stood in the middle of Memorial Circle, on the Texas Tech campus, showing their support for Mike Leach.  Meeting at noon, the students braved the freezing weather, icy rain, and spits of snow to stand for what they believe in.  

Some wearing an eye patch, while others sport Under Armor, they all hold signs in support of Leach and disapproval of Chancellor Hance.  For example, one sign stated: "Put Hance in the 'shed.'"

Remember, most students are still "at home" for the holidays and only upper-classmen and local students still remain in the city.  There is planned to be more of a showing at Texas Tech's bowl game tomorrow before the team faces off against Michigan State in the Alamo Bowl.  

The students are demanding to be heard.  The Texas Tech Administration has a history of not listening to the student voice.  Since this is the second year that Tech has made majorly unpopular changes to the university, the students are hoping to make a strong stand and have their voices heard.  

They are asking season ticket holders to not renew their tickets, and for alumni to not donate to the athletic department.