Adam FaulknerCorrespondent IJune 22, 2008

Is anyone else getting pretty nervous about the new Russian, Belarus, Kazakh, and Latvian league? It seems like all the news paper articles and all the blogs and everything on the internet that they are going to take a serious run at being the number 1 league in the world.

The weird thing is, I think they have a good chance of doing it. With the NHL being at one of its weaker points, it is the perfect time for other leagues to "attack" and move up in the rankings.

The no salary cap for the KHL is going to get a lot of big players interested from all around the world.

Also the KHL currently has 24 teams (4 divisions of 6). They want to expand to 30 teams for the 09-10 season. They have invited Swedish power houses Frolunda and Farjestads.