Lebron's New Shoe Drawing Attention

Frankie Anetzberger@FXAContributor IIDecember 31, 2009

Now that it is officially 2010, why not give life to all those rumors speculating where Lebron will land this summer! Lebron's Nike Air Max LeBron VII Hardwood Classic Edition is set to release soon but pictures have already been leaked, and boy they are interesting to say the least.

Cleveland has knocked Lebron for sporting Yankee caps and referring to New York as his home away from home, but now they have some new material to feed off of. The pictures of the new Nike Air Max LeBron VII Hardwood Classic Edition's are not only in Knicks colors, but on the bottom of the shoe there is a "I Love New York" patch. Interesting huh?

The King shut the doors on any rumor talk a while ago, but will anybody ask him about these shoes? I mean come on, they rock Knicks colors and actually say "I Love New York" on the bottom. In Lebron's defense, the patch on the bottom of the shoe doesn't actually say "I Love New York". Instead of Love, there is a picture of a lion.

Now I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. I am a huge Lebron fan and I even live in New York, but I would hate to see Lebron rock a Knicks jersey. It would be different if he were part of a package deal that included another championship caliber player, but I can't see the Knicks lure in a player interested.

I just want to know what fans in Cleveland think of these kicks?