Who In The World Has The Best Chance Of Beating Fedor Before He Retires?

David KuzminskiContributor IDecember 31, 2009

       As you all know, Fedor Emilianenko has been next to unbeatable in his career, asides from a loss via doctor stoppage due to a cut, which he later avenged in dominate fashion. Some say he will never lose again, others say it's just about time  that sombody is gonna get to him. Say there is sombody out there who can beat The Last Emperor, who is it?


       Is it the the large and powerful, former NCAA wrestling champion Brock Lesnar? Is it the UFC heavyweight title contender and All American wrestler Cain Velasquez? Is it the strong stud wrestler Bobby Lashley? Is it Mariusz Pudzianowski who holds the record of being the world's strongest man 5 times and who holds a 4 degree black belt in kyrokushin and was an amature olympic level boxer? Or is it up and coming heavyweight star Junior Dos Santos who fights under the tutelage of Anderson Silva and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.


      People are going to say he is unbeatable, and I may be entitled to agree considering his impressive preformances against Nogueira, Brett Rogers, etc. But as he ages, his supirior skill set will deteriorate and other younger guys skills will improve. So with that in mind who can beat Fedor in a ring or cage? Whether it is tomorrow or in 5 years who can beat The Last Emperor?