Why Is It So Easy to Root For The Thunder?

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Why Is It So Easy to Root For The Thunder?
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You're already thinking about it.  So let's just ask the question again;  Why?

What about this team draws us in and makes us huge fans?  They're new, extremely young, and not even that great yet.

But we still keep up with them, if not watch every game they play.

After reading an article on dailythunder.com, it got me thinking.  Maybe we like them because we're watching the beginning of something.  Something that's potentially going to be around for a long time. Something we can look back on and be happy to say we saw them grow.

Think about it.  Everyone involved in the Thunder organization is relatively young. Everyone knows how young the players are, currently sitting as the second youngest team in the league. 

But the coach Scott Brooks and general manager Sam Presti are both young for their occupation, and both very talented and intelligent.

Everyone involved is going to grow and gain experience, get better, and learn from mistakes while they are young.

This team has too many reasons to list to root for them. 

Obviously, the Thunder has a rising star in Kevin Durant.  Everyone knows what he can do.  He can basically score whenever he wants to and is learning how to be more and more consistent.

But what about the others? Russell Westbrook, Jeff Green, James Harden, Thabo Sefolosha, Serge Ibaka?

If you have kept up with the team this season, you know the crazy awesome potential that is there for every player on this squad. 

Westbrook is just in his second year of playing as a point guard.  People expect him to be near perfect already when he's just learning the position. 

James Harden is having a great rookie season off the bench, and you don't hear much about him because of the outstanding cast around the guy.

Plus, they have arguably the best team chemistry in the league.  How many teams out there make music videos together and post them on twitter? I haven't heard of one.

They have lengthy conversations on-line in front of everyone about each others' nicknames. Do the Lakers do that? Don't think so.

It's not fun to root for the Celtics or the Lakers, they already have enough fans. You feel like a follower for being a fan if you're not from their cities.

It's not a secret, the Thunder looks to have many banners hanging up in the Ford Center in the next ten years.

The Thunder just invites you in.  Nobody is going to judge you for hopping on the Thunder bandwagon.  Go ahead and hop on.

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