UCF Needs To Join The Big East

Bill RobbinsContributor IDecember 31, 2009

As the 2009 St Petersburg Bowl ends with the UCF Knights were blown out by the Rutgers Scarlet Knights 45-24. A conclusion has drawn that UCF did not have the athletes or the speed to compete with Rutgers and this has always proven the case with UCF only winning two games all time against BCS conference schools. The Knights were always close to beating the big BCS schools but never finished the games. Examples such as games against #6 Texas in 2007 35-32, at #9 Georgia in 1999 24-23, and at #1 Nebraska 38-24 but they would always finish short of the victory because they had lack of depth.

That's why these BCS conference teams are so good because of the talent that they are able to get due to this affiliation. While being in the Conference USA UCF is not able to compete for the big time recruits most of the time even though occasionally they land the big time recruit such as Josh Robinson (four star recruit according to Rivals). But in comparison of a similar program the South Florida Bulls who is in a Big East (BCS conference), South Florida has seen a ranking as high as #2 in the country due and every year since 2007 has been ranked in the top 25 during the year. This is due to them being affiliated in the Big East. Since UCF has been in the Conference USA they have never been ranked at all not even one week. The root of this is recruiting. In comparison of recruiting classes UCF had a recruiting class ranked 66th in 2009 (both rankings according to Rivals) while South Florida was ranked 29th.

For UCF to become a ranked team in the future they will need to join a BCS conference and preferably the Big East. If UCF joins the Big East they will have an increase in sports revenue as well as better recruiting. This will end up with UCF having a better football team that can not just scare highly ranked teams but beat these teams.