Gail Mrs GrayContributor IDecember 31, 2009

I am now looking forward to a great new year, after hearing Michael Schumacher is defineately coming back to formula 1, after a sad ending that he couldn't drive due to a nasty neck injury.now its official, i don't mind him not racing for ferrari but i am contented he has a place with Mercedes GP Petronas. i am hoping he dominates the scene again it is that that thrills me, if he done well with this company before in 1990 i am sure he will do well again, i know there will be folk out there who might still have a big grudge that he was dominating the scene before he left and just might re do it again, bare this in mind, motorsport is in his blood like all sports man and woman they want to achieve something thats why they are so passionate on there sport they do. Well i wish Michael all the success possible and i hope he do get another World Championship title. since he left in 2006 the formula 1 sport has been rather boring but now Michael has arrived you will see it spiced up with magical moments again and tickets will be sold so more quickly the attendance with have a bigger crowd once more. this formula 1 grand master will not be short on his wonderful talents, he maybe 41 but he still has the get up and go techique still.