Filipino's Perspective on Manny Pacquiao's Allegations

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Filipino's Perspective on Manny Pacquiao's Allegations
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Just like to share a story of a Filipino Wisdom:

We only have limited athletes that we could be proud of, around the world. Unlike Americans who produces a lot of top caliber athletes due to their wealth and power. That's why we are so moved with Pacquiao's victory, because if you're a Filipino and Manny just won, you somehow feel pride that you don't feel that much often on world events. Now if you only have a few yet others accuse your source of pride of being a cheat, wouldn't you be angered as well? be in our own shoe. How about we Filipinos accuse the Americans that all of their athletes were cheaters and have used PED's all these years? How would they feel?

Then I interrupted: It's not fair to compare 1 person to many others?

He answered back: Well just like I've said, we only have few athletes to boast and a lot of people are taking away the credit from our man (Obviously, he's referring to Manny Pacquiao).

I just thought to myself and said: He's having a lot of emotions while sharing his point of view. What more, if I were an American? And a Mayweather fan?

I'm just Glad for me to be an Asian and part Filipino..... Even by a 1/64 degree.


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