Why Manny Pacquiao Hates Blood Testing: A 2005 Video After the Morales Loss

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 Why Manny Pacquiao Hates Blood Testing: A 2005 Video After the Morales Loss
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May I direct readers to a post by Erwin Lastimosa of www.nowboxing.com , who has unearthed important evidence from an old youtube video clip shedding light on why Pacquiao is adamant against giving blood, no matter how little, just prior to a fight. I

n his first bout with Morales, the Nevada Boxing Commisision did him a severe injustice by claiming to have "lost" results from a blood test he had performed earlier. Thereupon, the commission forced him to give blood, yet again, just two days before the fight.

The article goes into other details that may explain the not-so-holy motives behind the Mayweather camp's self-righteous insistence to have Pacman undergo several random blood tests, including one just a day before their fight.

I let readers judge for themselves the merits of this video find. I sincerely believe the Mayweather camp and the Golden Boy Promotions have been unfair and disrespectful and probably criminal in their allegations about Pacquaio's use of performance-enhancing drugs. Here's the link for you guys: 


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