Why Does Fedor Emilianenko Win Every Fight?

David KuzminskiContributor IDecember 30, 2009

     Whether Fedor is fighting a giant, a submission artist, a knockout artist, or a wrestler, he ALWAYS seems to win, dispite being bloodied up and beaten on. Why does he win every fight? He is only 6"1, which isn't GIANT, he is actully closer to fat the ripped, and he isn't superiorly fast or strong.


        So how does he do it? We all know he is a master at judo and sambo, and he is very good at every other dicipline, but that can only take you so far. He has a reach of 74 inches, compared to other heavyweights, that is relatively small, so getting inside or in the clinch is vital to winning. But when inside or in the clinch, stronger guys can just throw him around, but Fedor doesn't let that happen, he just flips them, ground and pounds them, and leaves the building with a broken nose and a win. But when Fedor does decid to stand there and trade, he doesn't get dropped dispite fighting solid strikers who have a reach and height advantage. He just reads body patterens and movment, and at the perfect moment, he jumps with all his body at the guy with his fist in front, which ends up putting the other guy on the ground. But I think the one reason that he is so dominate is that his whole life destroying his opponent is the only way out, and destroying is all he has done dispite looking oh so calm while doing it. He is a thinking man's fighter.


       But maybe, just maybe, it isn't Fedor winning the fight, but the Russian Mob making the other guy lose the fight. I'm not saying that's how it is, but anything is possible in this world. But I still think the other guys do lose the fight, but because Fedor's skills and lack of mistakes overwhelm the opponent. So wheather it is is sambo skills or the Russian Mob, one thing is for sure, he's an MMA legend.