John Azam Azam's Week 17 Prediction Game and Week 16 Results

John Azam AzamCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2009

Welcome to John Azam Azam's Prediction Game.
 This is the last week. There are 8 people that made it to the playoffs and the rest is eliminated.
Here are the results:

1. People's Champion (130)
2. Robert Meyer (129)
3. Sportscaster007 (119.5)
4. JW Nix (116)
5. Blaine Spence (114)
6. Will Holt (113)
7. Chris Anderson (106)
8. MR.DAVE (93)
The rest of the people did not make the playoffs. Next week I will tell you guys the all the playoff rules.

Here are the last games of the regular season:

Colts versus Bills
Giants versus Vikings
Falcons versus Bucs
49ers versus Rams
Steelers versus Dolphins
Saints versus Panthers
Bears versus Lions
Patriots versus Texans
Jaguars versus Browns
Eagles versus Cowboys
Titans versus Seahawks
Redskins versus Chargers
Ravens versus Raiders
Chiefs versus Broncos
Packers versus Cardinals
Bengals versus Jets