IRL: Dan Wheldon Wins on His Birthday, but Iowa Gets the Presents

Nikki HechtCorrespondent IJune 22, 2008

Today, the IRL hit the track at the Iowa Speedway in Newton, Iowa.  

Now for most of the world they are probably going okay, so what? The IRL races every weekend.  Why is this race different from last weeks or the race next week?

Simple. The reason the race today in Iowa was so different was that area and several surrounding areas have been hit hard by floods and tornadoes.

I have to say that mainly due to Danica Patrick, I've become a fan of Indy Racing, but today because of the utter selflessness of Dan Wheldon and Scott Dixon, I really became a huge fan of the IRL.  

Dan Wheldon was able to hold off an impressive run from rookie Hideki Mutoh.  With 90 laps to go Wheldon opted not to pit and with 60 laps to go he took the lead while other drivers opted to pit due to a caution.  This strategy worked in Wheldon's favor who said, "My car was just so loose with new tires, staying out was important. I had good restarts on the older tires."  

That gamble paid off. Not only did Wheldon score an impressive win on his 30th birthday he and teammate Scott Dixon both donated their winnings to the relief effort for the Iowa flood victims.

The $60,000 winnings from them both will go to the area's local chapter of the Red Cross to assist victims of the recent floods.

So from this Midwesterner, Happy Birthday Dan Wheldon! To you and Scott Dixon, thank you for your random act of kindness to an area that is in need of some acts of kindness!