Yankess “Wang” in belittling NL

josh millarSenior Analyst IJune 22, 2008

Last week Yankees pitcher Chien-Ming Wang was injured running the bases. As a result Wang, the Yankee ace, is out for the year with a foot injury.

This incident led Yankees owner Hank Steinbrenner to say “It's time for the NL to get out of the 19th century and adopt the designated hitter” Steinbrenner was upset and that’s understandable but the DH goes against everything that baseball is: strategic.

Sure, watching the pitcher hit at times isn’t pretty, but it's what that brings into play that’s beautiful to watch: bunting, smart baserunning, the squeeze play. These things, due to the DH, have become extinct in the American League.

The lack of the DH also brings in more strategy for the managers. When do I lift the pitcher for a pinch hitter? What is the state of the bullpen? Who’s available to pitch?

That’s strategy that’s baseball and people who prefer the DH don’t understand the true strategy of the game.

Let's just hope baseball doesn’t cave in to the Yankees.