Curt Schilling's Career May Be Done, but Does Anyone Really Care?

Danny DevineCorrespondent IJune 22, 2008

Curt Schilling has said on talk radio that his season is definitely over and his career may be as well. My question to everyone is: does anyone really care?

Schilling was a very good regular-season pitcher and a great postseason one too. His on-the-field accolades are not in question by anyone. It’s the way he handles himself off the field is why I ask this question.

He has never been a team moral guy. Let’s just say he is not the guy you want to be the face of your franchise either.

Also, Schilling is not liked by many of his peers. When anything controversial happens in MLB, there is Curt on talk radio stating his opinion. Normally, this isn’t a bad thing, but Curt never has many nice words to say about anyone or anything.

Look I know many players are not exactly nice guys, but with Curt it just seems like he tries really hard to be the guy throwing punches at the easy targets.

Schilling will be a Hall of Fame pitcher, but there is also no question that the Boston Red Sox will not miss him. Facts are facts: he is getting very old and looks more like a bowler then a baseball player.

Theo Epstein, the GM of the Red Sox, said in a press conference that the Red Sox were ready for him not to play and they were prepared.

In layman’s terms that means we knew he wasn’t coming back, and we are not going to skip a beat without him.

Schilling has had a very good career and will face his ugly mug on a plaque in the Hall. He probably would have been considered a great player if he didn’t rub everyone and everything the wrong way.