Breaking News:Melina Might Be Injured

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Breaking News:Melina Might Be Injured

Yes,it's true,our Diva's Champion might be injured.The severity of the injury is yet to be determined,but it is being rumored that Melina has torn her ACL.This means that she can potentially be out of action for 5-7 months.

This is very sad and disheartening news,because not only is Melina my favorite Diva,but she is also the top babyface on Raw and there is noone there to fill her spot.

Gail Kim can't take it,because she gets little to no crowd reaction at all.Eve can't take it,because,well...she's simply too green.This leaves two possibilities,Kelly Kelly,or a face turn.

Kelly Kelly may not be the best wrestler in the world,but since when has that mattered in the WWE?She gets a good crowd reaction,and the fact that she's the official poster girl for WWE doesn't hurt either.

Kelly can also put on decent matches,and apparantly carry someone through a match as seen on Monday night when she went up against Maryse,which in my opinion was a good little bout.

Now moving on to the face turn.This would mess up the heel to face ratio,but it would be needed.Maryse can arguably be said to pick up the title in the near future,and she's going to need some competitors.

Alicia Fox has already been a face in the company,but since turning heel  she's really broken out of her shell.On many occasions Alicia has shown that she can hang with the best of them.

Alicia turning face is very unlikely because she,like Eve,is somewhat green.I would love to see Alicia get a full-on push,but as indicated in the past this is not likely to happen.

The next choice to turn face is Jillian,the biggest diva jobber in the company.Jillian has recently been slipping up on many occassions,thus being relegated to the backstage comedy realm.

I personally think Jillian could be the top face in the company,as dictated by her short lived face turn on Smackdown.She got the crowd being her in only two weeks,and from there on in everyone was a Jillian fan,until her next heel turn.

That's one thing Jillian has always been able to do.She's been able to get you to boo her or cheer her,something extremelly rare in this day and age.

Whatever the case may be,when it comes to WWE,I'm not holding my breath.

Get well soon,Melina!We need you.


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