Panthers:Jake Delhomme "What Will Happen If Delhomme Is Gone"

Nikolai ClaryContributor IDecember 30, 2009

At the beginning of the 2009 season the Panthers struggled poorly. They had an 0-4 preseason, alot was expected out of the Panthers this year, sadly that wasn't the case. The Carolina Panthers had the most powerful running attack in the NFL, on the other hand their passing game has been very poorly. Jake Delhomme was their QB as coming back from an impressive season Jake had a horrible season this year. His season season ended with a broke right finger. Jake had 20 Ints this year which is a career high. Jake has been an disappointment this year to many fans and scouting reporters. Jake has has the best arm he has ever had in his career. Jake's problem is when he is pressured he rushes and panics and forces the ball into bad places, which has leaded into his 20 Ints. It's not always the QB fault for some Ints, in fact it's mostly the receiver's fault most of the time. Jake has had alot of experience over the years, Jake still has a contract but the agency isn't to sure on what to do yet. Matt Moore will be the QB if Jake is Gone, cause Moore has had alot of experience in his years also. Moore has been terrific this year on the games he has played. Jake and Fox are the decisions on who to get rid of as of now. Fox doesn't want to lose his job and leave this team, he has faith, strength, power in his team. This is going to be hard decision and Carolina will struggle both ways if either one of these two great leaders is gone.