Notre Damn… Sell Out Brian Kelly's The Wrong Choice

Edwin BearContributor IDecember 30, 2009

God must be taking his frustrations with the Catholic Priests sex acts out on America’s most well known Catholic School, Notre Dame.

That’s the only explanation for The Fighting Irish’s curse of athletic directors choosing the wrong coaches that lead to mediocre football seasons over the past decade and a half; and that spell won’t be lifted by their new man at the helm and this century’s biggest sell out to date, Brian Kelly.

Kelly helped bring Cincinnati’s football team out of the shadow of its prolific basketball program by winning back to back Big East titles and taking the Bearcats to four bowl games.  This year Cincy finished 12-0, but an undefeated regular season doesn’t make a team feel a spec of accomplishment or self worth when their coach and mentor flees the scene right before the school’s biggest game in its history.

Kelly was offered the Notre Dame head coaching position and when he saw the greener pastures of Irish land he put on his leprechaun boots and left all his following student athletes out in the muck against the Gators from the swamp.  Cincy’s in the Rose Bowl New Year’s Day facing a Gators squad hungry for a victory after their embarrassing SEC Championship loss to Alabama cost them a shot at the national title; not to mention the Bearcats are facing a determined Tim Tebow in his final collegiate game.

It’s one thing to leave your team for Notre Dame after the season.  Who wouldn’t?  It’s almost every guy’s dream job to be the man in charge of the Fighting Irish.  But, it’s completely different to take that job and leave your team that you fought with threw the trenches all alone without the voice and presence of their trusted leader in a lot of these kids’ biggest game they will play in their lives.

If Texas lost and Cincinnati made the national championship game Kelly would have stayed to coach Cincy for his own selfish reasons, but since that didn’t happen he took an early break and sold out all those kids that were loyal to him these last four years.

Cincy’s offensive coordinator, Jeff Quinn, is the interim head coach.  Quinn received the head coaching position at the University of Buffalo, but he’s not leaving Cincy stranded against hungry Gators. 

Butch Jones, Cincinnati’s new man at the helm come next season, isn’t leaving his current team Central Michigan behind for their bowl game either.  Interestingly enough Jones took over Central Michigan’s head coaching position once Kelly left there for Cincinnati.

Kelly did coach the Bearcats in the 2006 International Bowl before a full season as their head coach, but that was only because he left his players at Central Michigan to fend for them selves in the 2006 Motor City Bowl! 

Kelly’s track record proves he’s a sell out and he will do the same thing to Notre Dame given the chance. 

After this past decade and a half of bad football for Notre Dame, the school that tries to keep its image as a classy religious school with high morals, they bring in a guy that’s committed all of the seven deadly sins.

1. Haughty eyes- for staring down the Notre Dame job while not focusing on his current coaching job at Cincinnati during the most crucial time in their history.

2. A lying tongue- for saying he’s not in talks with Notre Dame.

3. Hands that shed innocent blood- for Kelly leaving and handing Cincinnati over to be devoured by hungry Gators.

4. A heart that devises wicked plots- him taking the Cincy job as a stepping stone to the Notre Dame job and leaving Cincy during their biggest time of need in their biggest game ever…after doing the same to Central Michigan when he left for Cincinnati.

5. Feet that are swift to run into mischief- he will run into troubles at Notre Dame because a lot of recruits will see his past record of betrayal and go elsewhere.  Then Kelly will betray Notre Dame before the end of his last season just like he did at his previous two coaching stops.

6. A deceitful witness that uttereth lies- for witnessing he would be the next Notre Dame head coach but telling the media he wasn’t in talks with them.

7. Him that soweth discord among brethren- for not bringing harmony to the Cincinnati football program in their biggest game.

Kelly’s not the man that will turn the Irish’s luck around, not even if he carries a four leaf clover on the side lines during every game he coaches.  He’s an un-loyal liar that is proven to betray his colleagues once something else better comes along. 

Kelly represents everything Notre Dame is against; just like those Catholic Priests represented everything the Catholic Church was against.  Kelly is to Notre Dame as Child Molesting Catholic Priests are to the Catholic Church.  Somehow Notre Dame’s athletic directors continue to choose the exact opposite image the Fighting Irish are supposed to represent.  The curse continues…