Should Interleague Play Be a Full-Season Affair?

Justin DahlkeContributor IJune 22, 2008

Though some baseball purists believe interleague play should be kept to a minimum, I believe it is an exciting time for baseball.

Interleague play is a fun time for fans, especially of American League teams, who get to see their pitchers hit.

Being a fan of an American League team, I get a kick out of watching the likes of, former American League pitcher, Johan Santana shock National League teams with his hitting.

I also believe seeing a team once every eight years or so, can be kind of a drag. The Reds visit to Yankee Stadium was their first trip to the Bronx since the World Series of 1976.

Maybe I'm alone with this venture, but I believe seeing interleague matchups through the entire 162-game season would be great for baseball and baseball fans.

Rather than having a barrage of interleague play for a short three-week engagement, spread the series' out and play an interleague opponent once a month.

This will give teams more variety spread out over time.

Since there are two more teams in the National League, there could be two interleague series going on at any given point in the season.

I'm not saying every team should play interleague non-stop, just to add a little spice to the schedule throughout a 162-game season.

The two divisions of baseball are for competitive purposes, not to alienate teams from one another.

The governing body is called Major League Baseball.  Why not show the fans some major league action?