Oakland Raiders 2010 Draft Outlook

silvernblack209 blackContributor IDecember 29, 2009

PITTSBURGH - DECEMBER 06:  Louis Murphy #18 of the Oakland Raiders celebrates a fourth quarter touchdown while playing the Pittsburgh Steelers on December 6, 2009 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Oakland won the game 27-24.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
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                  I don't know why alot of people want Tom Cable back, as long as he has an OC, but the truth is, I think he best belongs as an offensive line coach. We ran better when Cable was our o-line coach, our rank has dropped significantly in rushing yards (in 2007 we were ranked 6th, in 2008 ranked 10th, now we are ranked 18th).  If he doesn't want to be demoted back to his original position, get rid of him, I appreciate his passion, but I don't think he instills the type of discipline a heach coach as Gruden instilled, I remember seeing Gruden jogging with his players, and making them responsible.

                  What do you guys think about if Al Davis(everybody knows Al is a height weight speed drafter, therefore I can't rule this out) entertains drafting Taylor Mays if he is there, even though we are set at both safety positions.  Huff finally appears to be playing good football now, big improvement anyway. Some of you are saying no, don't draft Mays!! we don't need him, we have other needs greater, which I agree with however, what if we end up drafting Mays, and lets say we convert Huff into a CB? Then we have not only made a significant improvement at our SS position by adding Mays but also have a star or quality Huff playing CB, but you wonder well that's not possible, Huff can't be converted, but I say why not?, after all remember Asomugha was originally a safety when he was drafted from Berkeley, and converted to CB, not bad huh? how that turned out.

                 Our biggest needs are obviously right tackle, guard and defensive tackle, linebacker, cornernback and  fullback.  Further, when you have that much invested in a QB, you don't just give up, Russell gets another year, we need a better line to protect him, remember the guy is young and yes he makes a lot of stupid mistakes, partly to blame is our porous O-line, but so have other high draft pick QB's, i.e, Vince Young, Alex Smith, yet they seemed to have rebounded nicely.
1st round; OL; Russell Okung, Oklahoma, Bryan Bulaga Iowa or Trent Williams Buffalo
2nd round DT, (Suh, won't be there nor McCoy, take Marvin Austin, North Carolina,or if he's not there Tyson Alualu, Cal.) we really need two DT, Warren and Kelly are declining and don't put consistent pressure.
3 round;(we got two picks)DE: cut Ellis, cut Richardson (we got Shaughnessy  and Scott)

draft Jerry Hughes Texas Christian, the guy gets after the quarter back or draft Brandon Graham, Michigan, he is a relentless madman.
LB; Daryl Washington, Texas Christian, 6'2, 235, runs 4.5, good quick linebacker.
4th round, CB,
5th round, linebacker
6th round, any solid Offensive linemen
7th round, fullback.
WE need OL and DT, DE, LB, CB, FB in that order if we do this in that order we are in the playoffs next year mark my words