Play-Offs, Congress, and The BCS

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Play-Offs, Congress, and The BCS
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images reports about a poll that asks college football fans if they support a play-off system. 63% of CFB fans are in favor of a play-off system. Congress has gotten involved by a House sub-committee passing a bill that states there can be no National Championship game unless it is decided by a play-off.

 What is wrong with this? A LOT!

 Americans are going through one of the worst economic recessions in history, yet our lawmakers are worried about a college football play-off. Do you see anything wrong here? I know I do.

 I love college football as much as anyone, but lets leave these decisions to the NCAA. As much as everyone loves to hate the BCS and previous Bowl organizations you have to admit it has made the level of competition great. One or two losses can have a tremendous effect on a teams success.

 If there were a CFB play-off system it would take away some of the demands for perfection that are required in the BCS. I think a great example of the bad things that can happen with a play-off would be the Colts vs Jets game this past Sunday. I am not saying the BCS doesn't need some tweakiing but I don't believe a play-off is the answer, and I definitely think Congress should stay out of this issue. Our legislators have bigger fish to fry.

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