MSU's Late Christmas Gift

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MSU's Late Christmas Gift
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So everyone thought that the news about the Alamo Bowl was over? After the suspensions at MSU I thought that this was going to be a blow out and the MSU squad was going to have a losing season.

But wait, Mike Leach is suspended for abusing a sophomore wide receiver who has a concussion you say? Great now we have a bowl game that's even. 

On the MSU side you have players who get suspended because the coach has the balls to do so if they get into trouble. How many other coaches do you think have the balls to actually stand by their team rules when your star players violate team ethics?

Also the Spartans have a chip on their shoulder, no one thinks they can play against a how powered offense like Texas Tech. No pressure on the team either. Their a mediocre team with a good quarterback and a few good linebackers. No expectations.

On the other side of the ball you have a Red Raiders team that have  had a disappointing year. After going 11-2 last year they have gone 8-4 with a horrible lose to Texas A&M. That's quite a change in a team that was a favorite to win the big 12.

Texas Tech needs this win to prove that they can play football at the level they did last year. Whole lot of problems with the Red Raiders if they lose to a 6-6 Spartan team.

Now out of no-where a law suit comes against Mike Leach for mistreatment to an injured player who's father happens to be a ESPN new anchor. Not to good.

Oh wait it gets worse. This is AMERICA. Anything with legal issues takes forever to be taken care of. Even with Mike Leach trying to overturn this I doubt this can happen quickly enough to get him back on the field to coach.

So lose of star players with a loss of a head coach makes this a bowl game that might actually not be a blow out.

Any more info need on this case please go to 

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