The Giants Are Finished

Sports Radio NY AM1240-WGBBContributor IDecember 29, 2009

The New York Giants are finished and their season has been flushed down the toiled. Moving on for next season is the plan and watching the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs will make Giant fan’s pull their hair out of their head.

The Giants got “whipped” against the Carolina Panthers, 41-9. Giants quarterback, Eli Manning got sacked four times and threw 2 interceptions. He finished with 296 yards with 1 touchdown pass. Panthers quarterback, Matt Moore had 3 touchdown passes, was only sacked once and managed not to throw an interception. He finished with a 139.8 passer rating which kills Manning’s 75.3 passer rating. Moore threw for 171 yards.

The Giants running game hasn’t been effective throughout the season. Brandon Jacobs hasn’t gone over 100 yards this season and Ahmad Bradshaw has struggled do to injuries. The struggles of their running backs has been part of the reason why the Giants have failed this season.

Losing Safety, Kenny Phillips for the entire season hasn’t been a positive for the Giants. Not having cornerback, Aaron Ross has been a huge blow to the Giants secondary.

Next season should be the plan for the Giants. Their running backs were “horrible” this season and their secondary was even worse. Now suffer and watch the Eagles and Cowboys in the post-season.