Who Are The 2009-10 Philadelphia 76ers?

Brandon GrossContributor IDecember 29, 2009

The Philadelphia 76ers have been running in place over their so-called "rebuilding" process. Every year they seem content with 8th seed in the playoffs and end up with a middle 1st round pick year after year. We have a team of great secondary and bench players but no superstars.

We do have a super-ego guard who thinks he has something left to give in the NBA. It's hard to get excited about this team when they are currently the third worst team in the NBA.

That isn't so bad if we end up with a lottery pick and a chance to pick up that star in the draft but it seems like around this time the team decides that now they want to win and make a push for that final spot in the playoffs.

Watching the Sixers makes me wonder who these people are, an underrated team that defeated teams like the Celtics and the Blazers or an underachieving team with a Front Office full of the NBA's leftovers.

Right now we have a team that has Marreese Speights, Lou Williams, and Allen Iverson back in the line up with a productive Elton Brand and a skilled G/F in Thaddeus Young. Don't forget Willie Green, Jrue Holliday, and Sammy "DAALLEEMBERRT"-in my PA voice-

We're 8-22 and already lost more then half of our losses last year. What is it that Ed Stefanski and Eddie Jordan want to do, lose more games or make a mid-season push for the LeBron James tour aka the playoffs.