Open Letter To The New York Knicks: How To Lose a Fan

Keith SchwartingContributor IDecember 29, 2009

1 Dec 2001:  A young New York Knicks fan shows support for guard Latrell Sprewell #8 of the New York Knicks during the NBA game against the Detroit Pistons at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. The Pistons defeated the Knicks 100-97.  NOTE TO USER:  User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory copyright notice \ \ Mandatory Credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images
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One could moan for hours describing what a typical New York Basketball fan has endured since before I was born, but change teams? Root for the enemy? I am being forced to adopt some other unsavory franchises at the moment.  I'll take just 5 minutes and make my decision.  


Those over 30 have watched the NBA go through good bad times, boom, and back to before bad, which brings us to today's ultra rich ultra talented crop of professional basket ballers.  Really, we are watching a resurgence of the game, like only steroids could do for baseball, in which the players are leading the charge.  


On the precipice of watching what a blockbuster free agent class can do to shake up the powers that be, and here we Knick fans are wondering whom our fate will bring in 2010. Attesting to the wait it out stlye of hosting your worldwide fan base is a bit misdemeanor and not fun to watch or talk about (fans should get discounted tickets or foam fingers to show our disdain) but they are too hungry for something to cheer about.  


I'll just be a patient loyalist wherever I go and dream of the near future when I'll be rooting for players I hope I'll like (Wade)  Where does that leave us?  Should I care?  Should I remain a fan?


Growing up on Long Island and watching all the fiber optic cable being laid across the state. While outside my window acres of woods and farmland were being destroyed, the fishing community suffered and dwindled to a few resilient salty dogs and that train to the city evolved faster and faster. Across the street in a wooded area that Nicola Tesla built the world's first AM tower they found chemical waste buried.  Beyond that was the train tracks which would bring me to Penn Station many many times.  While I waited to grow up in my palsy hood, when not dodging the waste or swimming in bacteria infested water, when that fiber optic cable reached my suburb I was in tune with all the scramble vision I could handle and my favorite nightly program ensued, the New York  Knickerbockers. 

It was about the time Ewing night at the Garden went terribly awry. Fans could not appreciate a once a generation player they were about to watch.  I became all consumed. I loved Mark Jackson and I still dribble back up with a skip step to this day.  It was ingrained on me that my Knicks would bring a title home to NY but every year I wound up hating the Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Rockets and Spurs more and more.


The fact that Ewing was stripped of a talented point guard, never got to play with King and never really had top notch talent around him only adds to the reputation that he should hold in the organization.  No offense to John Starks or Charles Oakley or the X man,  but for 10 years they drafted a total of 2 starters.   Not like later on when they would draft such names as Camby, Nene, Ariza,  and Frye only to see them have some good success in places not named the freaking Mecca of Basketball.  Signings of free agents over the years like Allen Houston (why is his # retired), Steph Marbury, Eddy Curry has destroyed the franchise and 2010 might be full of names that get added to the list of mistakes.  The Celtics already had drafted PG and had one star before building their current juggernaut.  

The latest news of a T-Mac signing while Nate Rob is probably heading out to the Rockets any day now has me sick.  Not that Robinson is an answer to anyone's question but T-Mac is going to be another former star to ride the pine in an expensive suit.  Currently, the Knicks have Zero talent to draw a monster free agent class to want to play in a Knicks uniform.  I can only hope to land Wade/ Bosh and have a few years of success.  I at least liked to watch Lil Nate excite the Garden faithful.  

My recent game watching boycott ended when the Clippers came to town.  I found myself rooting for the Clippers and their mix of exciting young players and resurgent stars a la Camby.  I also have enjoyed watching Steph Curry develop into a bonafide NBA player.  In the past I was all consumed by my team and now, I look afar to get my man love.  

Forget 2010, here is the kicker; by whiffing on the best point guard draft of all time they've already lost the 09-15 seasons. There the Knicks go again, driving me to Clipperdoom.  I said it too, ALL TIME!  Brandon Jennings, Johnny Flynn, Steph Curry, Ty Lawson,Tyreke Evans, Ricky Rubio, Jrue Holiday among others.  I think all good players would at least like the opportunity to play with a real point man.  Even big named free agents like point men.  Alas, I am left to wonder about whom Isiah would have drafted.   

As the new Decade rolls in I've decided to like the entire NBA and all the great talent from the world and not care about the Knicks until someone I already root for lands on 7th Ave.   Arrival times of Steve Nash, Chris Bosh, Tracy McGrady, and Tyrus Thomas about 6 months and counting. Or maybe I'll just be a Knippriors fan after all.