The All Pro- Athlete Soccer Team

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IJune 22, 2008

            Imagine you had the opportunity to form a soccer team from a pool of any current pro- athlete in the world. Who would you pick? These are my selections, feel free to let me know what you think.


Forward: Johnny Wilkinson (Rugby)

The best kicker in the world of rugby should have no problems translating his kicking finesse from the pitch to the soccer field.

Forward: Lebron James (Basketball)

The ultimate power forward in soccer. LeBron’s leaping ability and dominating size should allow him to head balls into the goal from in front of the net all day.

Forward: Steve Nash (Basketball)

In his youth, Steve Nash was a star soccer player in addition to basketball. Just imagine him utilizing his play making ability on the soccer field.

Midfield: Bill Moorman (Football)

The most athletic punter in the entire NFL has both the speed and the leg to make a serious impact in soccer.

Midfield: Brian Habana (Rugby)

The fastest man in all of rugby would dominate the opposition with his speed. In addition, he has shown in rugby that he is quite capable of kicking the ball as well.

Midfield: Kyle Harrison (Lacrosse)

One of the fastest and most explosive men in the world of lacrosse, Kyle would be able to create plays in transition and contribute both offensively and defensively.

Midfield: Ichiro Suzuki (Baseball)

Ichiro’s speed, athleticism, and creativity would bode well for him on the soccer field.

Defense: Sebastian Janikowski (Football)

At 250 pounds, Sebastian has both the size and the enormously powerful leg to make an impact on defense unlike any other.

Defense: Kimbo Slice (MMA)

The rough and tough MMA fighter still has a lot to learn in the octagon. However, his imposing size should steer the opposition away from trying to charge the goal area.

Defense: Floyd Mayweather (Boxing)

The undefeated boxer is a defensive mastermind. If he can play half as good of defense in soccer, he would be a force to reckon with.

Goalie: Yao Ming (Basketball)

At 7’6, Yao would pretty have the wingspan to cover the entire goal with ease. Not to mention, Yao was an avid soccer player before switching to basketball in his teenage years, thereby implying that he should know what he’s doing in there. Can you say team MVP?