It's a Legacy Thang! (Ep. 1)

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LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  (L-R) Wrestlers Ted DiBiase, Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes appear during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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If you were one of the (FEW) people who read my last article, we seen an in-depth look at how WWE superstars celebrate Christmas at their homes. Well, due to popular  demand & careful planning, I bring you: "It's a Legacy Thang"! Hope you enjoy! =)

Day 1: 6:30 A.M: Wakey Wakey!

Cody: *yawns* Ted? Are you up yet?

Ted: *snoring* Zzzzzzz......

Cody: TED! *shakes bottom bunk* Get up! We need to make pancakes!

Ted: (sleepily) Leave me alone....

Cody: Dammit Ted! Randy's gonna be here any minute and you know he likes the pancakes with the M'M's!! *whines*


Cody: *grins* Yes.

7:00 A.M: Makin' Pancakes!

Cody: *mixing* Isn't this fun?

Ted: (sarcastically) Woopie!

Cody: *hums 'I'm a little teapot'*

Ted: Are you humming?

Cody: *clears throat* No!

Ted: Whatever. Let's get these on the skillet.

Cody: Look! I made a happy face in mine! Think Randy'll like it?

Ted: Sure buddy.

7:30 A.M: Randy's here!

Cody: Ted! You burned yours! Randy don't like burned pancakes!

Ted: (sarcastically) Oh Noooooooo!

*knock at the door*

Ted: Hey Randy.

Randy: Hey. I smell pancakes. *sniffs* I also smell burnt pancakes.

Cody: (thinks to himself) I'll go juice some oranges! *runs out*

Keep in mind there are two plates: The golden brown one thats Cody's & the burnt one thats Ted's.

Ted: *grabs Cody's plate* Here, I know you like pancakes.

Randy: Wow, this is nice. Thank you.

Cody: Randy! I can't wait for you to see my happy face that I made you!

Randy: You mean Ted's?

Cody: What? No, that's mine!

Ted: *whispers to Randy* He's saying that because he burnt the one he was gonna give you.


Cody: No, No, No, No! *shakes head franticly*

Randy: This is why Ted is the better member in Legacy. THIS IS WHY HE HAS A MOVIE!

Cody: *snifels*

9:00 A.M: Getting ready to go.

Randy: C'Mon! We're gonna be late for our tanning appointment! We were late before and we ARE NOT going to be late again!

Ted: I'm ready.

Randy: Where the f@#k is Cody?!

Cody: I'm coming! *tries to put in shoe while walking*

Randy: If your not here in 5 seconds, we're leaving.

Cody: *hops*

Randy: 5...4...3...2...

Cody: *trips down stairs* Ohhhhhh.....

Ted: Well he's here.

10:00 a.m: On the way to the gym

Randy: Now that i'm all bronzed, lets head to gym.

Cody: *runs toward the front seat of the Hummer*

Ted: *puts foot out*

Cody: *trips* Screw you!

Ted: *gets in the car* Looks like you'll have to sit in the back.

Cody: *snorts and crosses arms*


10:20 a.m: At the gym

Secretary: You need a membership to get in.

Randy: You're joking right?

Secretary: I'm afraid not.

Randy: *whispers to Cody* You're the boy-bandish looking person in the group.

Cody: *whispers* And?

Randy: *whispers* Take one for the team! Persuade her to let us in! I need to get my calf raises in!

Ted: *whispers* Yeah, Cody, take one for the team.

Cody: *moans* Fine.

Secretary: So, do you have your membership cards?

Cody: No, but I do want to know what your name is.

Secretary: Oh, my name is Doris.

Cody: Doris, that's a pretty name.

Secretary: *blushes*

Cody: So, you gonna let me and my boys in to this fine establishment?

Ted: *whispers to Randy* "Establishment"? He's using big words now?

Randy: *whispers* I know.

Secretary: I guess, I could.

Cody: Thank you.

Secretary: On one condition!

Cody: What?

Secretary: You have to kiss me on the cheek.

Cody: *shudders* Hold on, one minute, Doris.

Ted: *bursts out laughing*

Cody: Randy? You're not serious?

Randy: Get. Us. In. There! Or I will beat the hell out of you.

Cody: *whines and kisses Doris on the cheek*

Doris: You may come in now. *winks at Cody*

Cody: *shudders*


12:00 p.m: In the gym

Randy: I'm glad I got my workout in.

Cody: Well?

Randy: Well what?

Cody: A thank you is owed.

Ted: (sarcastically) Thank you so much Cody.

Randy: What he said.

Randy: Let's head out!

Cody: Shotgun! *runs fast*

On the way to the Legacy household, you will pleased to know that Cody did indeed get shotgun in Randy's hummer.


12:20 p.m: At the house

Randy: *smells* Damn, I'm funky. I'm gonna take a shower, all right? Don't break nothing while i'm gone.

Ted: Ay Ay! *military salute*

Cody: Hey Ted?

Ted: What?

Cody: You think we'll be tag team champions soon?

Ted: (under his breath) Hell no.

Cody: What was that?

Ted: I said "Sure pal!"

Cody: Cool. *smiles*

From 12:45 p.m to 9:00 p.m, Legacy and Randy played SDvR2010 on the Xbox 360 Elite, watched "The History of the World Heavyweight Championship" (which by the way is available on or where ever fine DVD's are sold), and ate according to Randy's diet. Now let's take a look to what they are doing now:


9:05 p.m: Still at the house

Randy: *putting on suit while looking in mirror* Not bad, not bad at all.

Cody: I'm ready to go and PARTAY!

Ted: Don't ever say that again.....please.

Randy: Let's go!

10:30 p.m: At the club

Randy: Let's head over there. *points over to the VIP section*

Cody: *bobbing head* Damn, baby all I need is a lil bit. A lil bit of this, a lil bit of that.

Ted: *whispers to Randy* Tell me he is NOT singing 50 Cent.

Randy: *whispers* He IS.

Later on we see three ladies make their way to the VIP section. One had a british accent, one was calm and collected, the other one was shaking and excited.

Hayley: Let us in! I know them!

Marina: *taking deep breaths* Calm down. It's only Randy and Legacy. *still shaking*

Randy: *looks over* You know them?

Ted: No. Cody?

Cody: I do! I talked to the british one on the phone and the calm one over there was at the xmas party!

Randy: Damn, I hardly remember the xmas party.

Cody: Let 'em in!

As the velvet rope was lifted, the three ladies made their way in.

Cody: Hello.

Marina: Hi! *still shaking*

Miss Annie: Mind if we sit here?

Ted: Nah, its ok, right Randy?

Randy: Yeah. It's ok.

The music is blaring from the speakers as the group is talking.

Ted: This party ain't that good.

Cody: How 'bout we take the party back to the house?

Marina: Is it ok if we came too? *finally stopped shaking*

Cody: *looks at Randy* Please?

Randy: Fine. Let's go.

11:25 p.m: Back at the house:

Marina: Shots! *flips hair*

Cody: Someone's gonna get tipsy tonight.

Miss Annie: I'll take a margarita.

Hayley: Me too.

Marina: C'mon guys! Take some shots!

Miss Annie and Hayley: We're good.

Cody: So what do you like to do?

Marina: (slightly buzzed) Well, I like to party. And go shopping. But I was totally nervous when I met you guys cuz I like love you guys!

Cody: I'll go get more liquor.

Marina: *giggling* Where's Randy?

Ted: Why you hanging out with Cody? You should hang out with me and Randy.

Miss Annie: Where are you going?

Marina: *giggling* I don't really know.

Miss Annie: Me and Hayley will come with.

Marina: Well! C'mon!

Now the group has moved on to the roof where they are drinking beers, margaritas, and a certain person is still giggling.

Cody: Guys? Where did everybody go?

Ted: *telling joke* .....and thats why he did it!

Marina, Miss Annie & Hayley: *laughing*

Marina: Gimme another shot! Wooooo! *flips hair*

Miss Annie: *whispers to Hayley* She is so wasted!

Hayley: *whispers* Hangover City for her tomorrow!

Marina: *puts arms around Ted* You smell good.

Ted: Well, thank you.

Hayley: *whispers to Miss Annie* Isn't Ted Married?

Miss Annie: *whispers* DRAMA!

Marina: Jacuzzi!

Miss Annie: *holds back* We didn't bring any swim suits!

Marina: Damn!

Hayley: Where did Randy go? *goes to look for*

Marina: Man! My head hurts!

Hayley goes downstairs to look for Randy. She finds him sitting on his bed with his hands on his face.

Hayley: What's wrong?

Randy: I have to separate myself from the situation.

Hayley: What situation?

Randy: Tipsy girl upstairs. I am trying to be faithful. It's hard.

Hayley: I understand.

Back upstairs, on the roof......

Marina: Body shot!

Miss Annie: I think you've had enough shots.

Marina: Damn man. How many have I had?

Miss Annie: Five and a half. You didn't finish the one downstairs.

Cody: Guys! I thought you left! You could've of told me you were up here!

Ted: *whispers to Marina* Damn, he found us!

Marina: *laughs*

12:55 p.m: Still at the house

Miss Annie: I guess we'll have to stay here since our friend passed out.

Hayley: Do you have a guest room?

Ted: Um....

Cody: Ted! Yes, we do.

Hayley: Can you take us to it?

Cody: Yeah.

Thank you for reading. =) This is part 1 of many to come. Please stay "tuned" for the next episode of "It's a Legacy Thang".

I'd also like to thank Miss Annie, RKO Kid, RKO's Fan, and Hayley for ideas to this project.  


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