Star Power (outage)

josh millarSenior Analyst IJune 22, 2008

With the news that Tiger Woods will be out for the rest of this golf season, the networks are crying about how the ratings will suffer. The PGA Tour and other sports are getting what they earned.

You cant watch a golf telecast or seemingly any program on The Golf Channel without seeing Woods even when he isn’t playing. Stars help sports as much as they hurt them.

Tiger is a great player—the best out there—but there are other spectacular golfers like Adam Scott, Geoff Ogilvy Jim Furyk and a young crop of stars headlined by 21-year-old Anthony Kim, but we don’t hear about them.

The NBA centers itself around Kobe and Lebron, but what about Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, etc.?

Baseball at least seems to focus more on teams that is if you’re the Cubs Yankees or Red Sox. This year the Florida Marlins are baseball’s thrill seeker but can anyone outside Florida name one of their best players (Dan Uggla, Hanley Ramirez,  Ricky Nolasco)

The NHL hangs its shoulders on Sidney Crosby but where’s the fanfare for Nick Lindstrom Or Pavel Datsyuk or Vincent Lecavalier?

The point and problem is that leagues focus on a handful of players to market their sports and when those selected players aren’t there well to the average fan the game isn’t on the TV screens either.