Raiders Vs Browns Frye Was Predictable and The Referees Where Flag Happy

Randy LavelleCorrespondent IDecember 29, 2009

CLEVELAND - DECEMBER 27:  Charlie Frye #3 of the Oakland Raiders throws as he is pressured by Kaluka Maiava #56 of the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium on December 27, 2009 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)
Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

All I wanted to see is a good game is an understatement.What I saw is Charlie Frye being read like a good book.The Defensive backs for the Browns didn't take there eyes off of Frye all day and it lead to 3 picks and the 1st one on our first possession in our territory,Ouch!

Cleveland clearly still must of had film on him and of course Rob Ryan (I'm sure) still knew some plays.Frye did move the ball only to have the drive stop with the picks in Browns territory.

Having been at the game,made it that much harder to handle.It's Tuesday and my throat is still sore for yelling at Frye to "Come on" or "Let's Go"!

In my prior article,I was happy to see Frye get the start.He prepares like a pro QB is suppose to prepare,he just didn't turn it into success on the field.He moved the ball at times,only to have it picked in there red zone.

Cable should have called draws after the first 2 picks in there red zone.I was apparent they knew the play call before Cable did.I'm not convinced Cable did a very good job calling the plays.

The Offensive line also didn't do there job.With a beat up line like we have,it showed Sunday.Langston Walker limped off the field with a high ankle sprain.All year the Raiders have shifted,patched,and tried to mend this line to keep it in a somewhat working order

The offensive line is our biggest need in the off season and should be scouting talent now!Not only do we need help in the draft,but also in the free agent market.

For a game that had snow coming down,I also saw Yellow snow!Oh!That's all the Referees throwing flags everywhere!Even though I had great seats,you don't catch everything and there was a lot i missed there with all this yellow snow er Flags flying.I mean come on!?!

When you have two teams with the testosterone's flowing,you generally end up with offsets penalties,Not the case.Again,we witnessed a bias -ness by the refs clearly showing there hate for the Raiders.It is an on going problem that is so apparent that something has to be done about it soon or the NFL will lose many of the best fans in the league.

Everyone can see it!I personally think there is "Fixing" going on for awhile now.Go ahead and Google NFL Fixing and you will see.the Mafia is still alive and is still in the game,only through the refs.What punishment do the refs receive for bad calls?They get a slap on the wrist and end calling another game later in the year.

Now I'm not blaming the whole game on the referees,because it wasn't them that threw the 3 interceptions,but it an issue that does need to be fixed and looked deep into.

This was a winnable game after the first 2 picks,but after the third and the referees giving Cleveland call after call,it was over.

Oakland does have a lot of work to do this off season and some very important decisions to make.Let's hope they make the right ones.

Right now the Raiders are turning there focus on the Ravens,who are trying the slip into the playoff picture.The Raiders have nothing to lose and hopefully can play spoiler.

One good thing did come out of this game for me and that was that I got the opportunity to relay some words of encouragement to some our Raider players.I also was able to get autographs for Matt O'Shaunessy,Jay Richardson,Tyvon Branch,Kirk Morrison,Thomas Horward,and yes Charlie Frye.

I told Matt that:Hey great first year as a rookie and keep up the good work!

I told Jay:Hang in there and go get them Ravens!I also got the chance to meet Jay's father and he is as big as Jay!What a nice man who is proud of his son despite the loss.Best of all,they are Buckeyes!Yes,I'm a Buckeye from Columbus.Jay is a hometown boy playing for my favourite team.

I was really impressed with Tyvon and told him:Hey man,I know you've been working hard and it has showed on the field with his play.He signed my hat and said"We just trying to turn that corner".He had some disappointment about him over the loss,but was appreciative that a fan noticed his commitment.I can wait to see this kid next year.I really believe he will be in the pro bowl.

Morrison and Howard signed the hat,but was in conversation with some of Jay's family and I didn't want to impose.

And last.......Charlie Frye was very disappointed in the loss and you could clearly tell,but I still offered my hat to sign and he signed it.I said:"Hang in there and It's just 1 game.You will get redemption some day".While many are already to give Frye the Russell treatment,one game is not fair to make this judgement just yet.

The Browns did there homework on Frye and had the upper hand having our "old" defensive coordinator.The referees also didn't help with all the ejections and flags,but despite that,turnovers lose games.