Tracy McGrady and the Houston Rockets are Done

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Tracy McGrady and the Houston Rockets are Done

Quite a long time ago, I wrote an article about Pops Mensah-Bonsu signing with the Rockets. I was happy to see an energy come to Houston.

But I was confused because we already had a person that was doing his job, and he did not give the Rockets the added height they needed (He is actually 6’7.5").

Also, the rookies coming in were very promising, with the likes of Chase Budinger, I didn’t know if he had a place, and I was correct.

In November, Pops Mensah-Bonsu was waived by the Rockets. Morey stated the reason was what I thought it would be, for flexibility of the roster.

But at this time of year, Rockets are one of the surprise teams (along with the Phoenix Suns, Atlanta Hawks, and maybe a few others that are having a good run this month) that many, such as Charles Barkley, thought would struggle to win when the Rockets have already exceeded the mark.

Recently, Tracy McGrady has returned to the Rockets. He has been playing small stints of seven minutes and after a few games has asked for more playing time, which Rick Adelman has refused.

He didn’t play for the Rockets for the last few games and is now wanting leave the Rockets. Both the organization and McGrady have agreed that it is best for them to part ways.

I was one of the few that were neutral on McGrady when he was a superstar on the Rockets. I actually just started to watch basketball around the time the Rockets lost to the Utah Jazz in a seven-game series.

Some were saying that Tracy McGrady had heart and did the best, while others went as far as to say he sucks so bad to create a website about him (

The Rockets did refuse to give him a buyout, which is neither good nor bad. If the Rockets did that, it would give them some flexibility to make trades, but then again they might be able to get some players who could be useful to them.

But the Rockets organization do not plan on doing that, but might have to if they cannot find a deal before the trade deadline.

Nonetheless, I do hope McGrady finds somewhere he can call home for the last few seasons of his career.

I predict he will probably join his cousin again in Orlando, and I do hope that he can be successful there and hopefully past the first round for the first time.

Now another thing to address, the Rockets are currently playing a fast-paced offense and it has been successful. What happens when Yao Ming comes back?

He obviously cannot run like the current Houston Rockets players, so what will happen? Will he be traded, or will play seven-minute stretches like McGrady, or will the offense go back to fit him?

This is a question that many fans have already started to point out since McGrady was rejected of playing time.

McGrady is gone, and hopefully the Rockets can get a few players who can benefit them from a trade. Also, Yao Ming’s fate with the fast-paced Rockets has now become a huge question mark.

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