Official Bias: Roger Goodell Persecutes the Patriots

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Official Bias: Roger Goodell Persecutes the Patriots
Icon Sports MediaOnce again, Roger Goodell has shown the world that he has a personal vendetta against the New England Patriots.

This time, it was the NFL Commissioner's inaction that gave him away.

By NOT fining Colts defensive lineman Ed Johnson for an illegal hit on Jaguars quarterback David Garrard, Goodell implicitly condoned the same behavior for which he punished New England's Vince Wilfork and Mike Vrabel.

For most NFL defensive lineman, it's apparently okay to hit a QB below the knees. If you're a Patriot, it's a cardinal sin.

Like Wilfork and Vrabel, Johnson was blocked into the illegal collision by an opponent.  Latest word is that Garrard is out at least a month.

Did Johnson receive a fine?


Did he get a warning?

Nope—at least not publicly.

And why not?

Because he plays for Bill Polian's Colts—who whine about everything.

Wilfork and Vrabel were fined for their unintentional transgressions, and suffered the adverse publicity that goes along with official punishment. I'd like to hear Goodell justify the discrepancy.

It appears that there's no end in sight for Der Fuehrer's obvious bias.

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