Nicholas LianosCorrespondent IDecember 28, 2009

After watching the Giants start the season with a 5-0 record, it seemed that the Giants were going to cruise into a playoff spot again.  Two and half months later the Giants are looking at the Mock Draft Boards by Mel Kipper. 

Here is what the Giants have under contract next year:

QB- ELi Manning- the Franchise QB set career highs in TD throws. 

Suggestions:No need to draft here. Resign David Carr.  Need a cappable backup and he is it.  The guy is no longer gun shy after the pounding he took in Houston and Carolina.

RB- Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw, Andre Brown, Madison Hedgecock (FB).  Looks set at running back for a couple of years.  Jacobs had a horrible year.  Bradshaw is a very cappable backup that can go the distance on any play.  Brown had a very good training camp before blowing out his achilles. 

Suggestion: NO need to draft here.    I'll give Jacobs a pass this year,  Bradshaw could be extended now to avoid losing him in free agency in 2011.  Hedgecock is a another guard in the backfield.  No play should be designed for him. 

WR- Smith, Manningham, Hicks, Barden are all under contract.  Smith is Eli security blanket that needs a nice contract extension.  Hicks is #2 on this team. Big play potential every play. Manningham needs coaching but is a great #3. Barden is a mystery as he couldnt get on the field. 

Suggestions:  With Moss, Hagan and Hixon free agents the Giants can use a late round pick on a wide Reciever with return ability.  I would bring back Hixon and let Hagan and Moss go.  What a waste of a second round pick in Moss who never stayed healthy or kept the ball when thrown at.

TE: Kevin Boss, Darcy Johnson, Travis Beckham, Bear Prascoe.  Boss is the only weapon here. The other two are blockers not looked to in the passing game. Beckham is supposed to be a passing target but hardly got on the field. 

Suggestion: Boss is underused by the Giants. Got great hands and somehow survives the monster hits he takes.  Beckham looks as he can be another reciever for the Giants in certain formations. Prascoe should take over Johnsons blocking back roll. No need to draft anyone here as well.

OL: O'Hara, Snee, McKenzie, Diehl, Beatty, Seubert are all signed.  Boothe, Whimper are free agents.  Snee and O'Hara are Probowlers.  Mckenzie and Seubert missed time this year.  Diehl struggled against speed rushers and Beatty did a good job in his rookie year filling in at tackle.

Suggestions: Draft a center, and another Tackle.  I would move Diehl to guard and move Beatty to his natural LT position.  O'Hara, Snee and Mckenzie should be fine on the right side of the line.  Need to have someone ready as both Mckenzie and O'Hara are in their 30s.

DL: Tuck, OSi, Canty,Kiwi, Tollefson, Robbins, Cofield, Benard and Alford.  Tollefson is a restricted free agent in 2010, while Robbins and Cofield are unrestricted free agents.  No one here performed to their potential.  Tuck hasnt been the same since week two, Osi has a speed move and gets crushed when run at, Kiwi got the starts the last three weeks but has only 4 sacks on the year.  Robbins, Bernard, Cofield and Canty didnt do a thing. 

Suggestions: Let Robbins and Cofield go. Cut Benard who never fit in with the Giants.  Draft a player in the third round.  Go out an sign either Vince Wilfork or Tank Johnson if either hit free agency. Need a stuffer to open it up for Tuck and Kiwi. 

TRADE OSI.  He is not the same player as the Superbowl year.  Still has value. Should get high draft pick in return.  MY suggestion trade OSi, the Giants #1 pick  and Mario Manningham for the Rams #1 overall pick in Nebraska's Ndamukong Suh.  Getting a younger Albert Hayensworth without the headaches. (Quickest way to reload this team and get their badly needed qb a cheaper spot in the draft, Jimmy Clausen)

LBs:  Sintim, Boley, Kehl, Goff, Blackburn, Pierce and Clark.  Clark and Blackburn are free agents.  Pierce is the defensive captain who was missed on the field.  Goff showed potential filling in for Pierce. Sintim showed flashes on the field but playing time was hard as he adjusted to the Giants system.  Boley had a injury plagued first year with the Giants.  Always around the ball but had problems like all Giants back 7 players in coverage.  Kehl is a good special teamer who got some playing time as Pierce and Boley were out.  Blackburn was Pierce's backup but didnt get the job done but is a good special teamer. 

Suggestions: Clark and Blackburn should not be brought back.  I also would cut Antonio Pierce. I thought the Giants were going to do it after the Plaxico incident but was given another year and his play wasnt up to it.  While he might be the team leader on defense it is time to move on. 

Draft: LB Brandon Spikes from Florida in the first round.  Need a playmaker with speed and he fits the bill.  If you dont make the blockbuster deal to get Suh.

SignKirk Morrison or DeMarcus Ryan.... if either become free agents.  While I dont think Ryan becomes a free agent he is a tackling machine.  Morrison wont knock you over but is a steady ILB that makes tackles.

DBs: Webster, Ross, Dockery, Thomas, Phillips, Johnson, Rouse, Brown.  In a nutshell since week 5 they played horrible.   Webster started off well and faded as the season went.  Ross was never on the field and switched to saftey which was another disaster.  Thomas has moments and should be the nickle corner. Johnson a rookie CB started well highlighted by his interception return for TD in Dallas then played like a rookie as the season went on.  Phillips two game cameo was great but future is in doubt as he comes back from microfacture surgery.  Rouse, Brown and Johnson it simply cant get any worse. 

Dockery, Brown are free agents and please say goodbye.  Rouse and Johnson have contracts that run out in 2011. 

Suggestions: Dockery, Brown shouldnt be brought back.  I would cut Rouse and Johnson.  I would think that Ross, Webster, Thomas, Johnson should be better next year.  The Giants should sign either Daniel Manning (Bears) or Roman Harper (Saints) to go along with Phillips if he is back.  Giants will also need to use a second round pick on a Safety.

Kickers: Lawernce Tynes and Jeff Feagles.  Tynes somehow survived the year.  Feagles the NFL oldest player is on his last leg.  Time to bring in a new punter that can boom one down the field and change field position. 

Coaching staff:  Head Coach Tom Coughlin probably will survive this year.  Also doesnt help that he has two years remaining on his contract. The same cant be said for defensive staff.  Bill Sheridan will most likely be the fall guy for this year.  Team didnt perform and schemes didnt fit personell. 

Kevin Gilbride will probably survive this.  Even though his play calling is predictable and some of the game plans were awful, the Giants did put up alot of points on the board. The Giants averaged 26 points per game.  It also helps that Eli Manning has new career highs in most categories will also keep him around.

Suggestion: Go out and Hire Todd Bowens of the Dolphins. Can fix the secondary, has been around the NFL for 10 years and is a local guy.  Our schedule next year will included Houston, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Minnesota plus Dallas and Phily twice we need someone to help turnaround the player quickly.

Overall the Giants dont need a major overturn.  They need a tweaking in a few areas to get this team back in the playoffs.  I know its a long shot trading up to get Suh, but its worth it. 

Getting a run stuffer in either Suk, Wilfork or Tank Johnson greatly improve the line. Wilfork just eats the middle in the Patriots scheme.  Perfect fit for the Giants. Probably will be franchised by the Patriots but can be had with right price. New Englands defense needs a total rebuild and it started with the trading of Seymour.  Johnson performed well in Cincy.  A good third option if unable to get either Suh or Wilfork.

Signing a safety is the most important spot for the Giants to address in free agency. With serveral safeties available shouldnt miss out in signing one of them. Manning, Harper, Darren Sharper (Eli nemesis), OJ Atowege are all free agents. The Giants should come away with one of these guys.  Atowege might be an injury risk, but is around the ball.

With a new safety, one new linebacker and a run stuffing defensive lineman, the Giants will be in the playoff hunt.  2010 should have the Giants back in the playoffs.