Nate Robinson Fined 25K for Agent's Request

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Nate Robinson Fined 25K for Agent's Request

Are we being serious? The NBA is laying down a $25,000 fine on Nate Robinson because his agent requested a trade. Isn't that his job? The rule says, "Players are not permitted to make trade requests publicly and are responsible for public statements relating to them made by their representatives,".

That rule is absurd! First of all, how can Nate Robinson control what his agent says? Secondly, isn't it the agent's job to request a trade? Because obviously the player can't but I can't see why his agent can't.

What baffles me the most is why Nate is being fined. I understand it's a rule, even though it's a dumb rule. But shouldn't his agent be fined? You are honestly going to hold the player responsible for everything the agent says. I'm sure Nate and his agent have talked at length about this issue Nate has yet to play in his last twelve games. So I'm sure that his agent didn't just say this out of the blue. But I think it's asinine that you hold the player responsible for what the agent says.

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