Why Cristiano Ronaldo Has Manchester United Fans Talking

Red Army ManchesterCorrespondent IJune 21, 2008

Well, we go though all this hype every year. Rumours abound across the footballing world.

The press, like Christmas, get earlier each year with their speculations about who goes where and fuel the fire as much as possible with what they want to see happen. It goes on and on.

So this is I think, is what the fan in the street is actually saying today about Cristiano Ronaldo and his ego.

These are just a few quotes:

"I would let him rot on the bench rather than let him go to Real."

"No one player is bigger than Man United."

"He will never be as good for Real as he could be at United."

"Man United will survive long after he has gone."

"The growing legend that is Ronaldo will die at Real Madrid."

I wish nothing would change, but I am a realist. I know the damage has been done already and the arrogance of Ronaldo saying, if I stay and the fans don't like me, a few good goals and they will forget all that again.

Well, Ronnie, I am not so sure you will be forgiven that easily. These people turned you into a god and took you into their lives.

Go to Real if you must, but do it in the right way. Finish out your contract. Move on in the right way, and the fans will respect you much more.

You could have maintained your legendary status in our hearts and minds much longer.