Georgia Football: Time To Put Up or Shut Up

john brewerContributor IJune 21, 2008

God i love Georgia Football. Me and my dog Dooley are sitting on the back porch and i can't take it anymore. All these articles and anything i write about the Dawgs comes back with immediate comments about me being wrong. I went to found out that since 1989 the Dawgs were getting hammered in respect versus reality and Florida was getting that ESPN love. So was Tennessee. Both wear orange so that might be a clue. Wear orange and get respect. No that's not it. Neither can winning football games because Georgia has won more football games that any SEC team in the last 10 years. It can't be bowl wins either because Georgia has the best SEC bowl winning percentage too over that time too. 

It must be the National Title because as Herbsteit said, a body of work is what is important. No he didn't. He said it is the best team now. No he didn't, it's a body of work not the "hottest" team now. Herby can't help me because he is confused every 365 days around December 7. But he and Gameday have been to Gainesville 12 times and Athens once.

All the talk and comments are cheap and it's time for Richt to show why FSU has been terrible by FSU standards since he left. Mark Richt needs to win a National Championship now. Not a get into the NCG with 2 losses. Not win them all and get left out of the NCG. Not start slow and finish fast. He needs to win them all regardless of schedule and bring respect to Athens. Not just this year but for years to come. Don't leave it up to Herby and ESPN. UGA will never win that battle. Time to win the battles, all of them, on the field.