Time For The Djoker To Prove He's One Of The Best

Tommy Keeler@@tkeelernvd and @nectar737Correspondent IIIJune 23, 2016

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

One player that always seems to get lost in the shuffle in the men's game is Novak Djokovic or as I like to call him the Djoker. he has plenty of talent, but has trouble getting over the hump against many of the big dogs in tennis.

The Djoker does have one grand slam title, but how many more does he have left in him. I think 2010 is a big year for him to show he's still got game and he's ready to win more slams.

The Djoker has a strong return game and his serve is decent. I think he could use a little more on his serve to be a bigger factor. I think the biggest thing the Djoker needs is to improve his mental toughness and his conditioning.

In the past he's wilted in long matches and he hasn't been as mentally strong as a Federer or Nadal. If you want to beat players like that and become a champion you have to be able to out-think and out-last them on the court.

The Djoker has shown he can get to the big matches. Now in 2010 he has to show he can win the big matches to get to the next level and become No. 1.

Personally, I don't think the Djoker will do it. I think he may win a few more slams over his career, but that will be it. I don't think he has that extra something that it takes to be the best. Only time will tell and if he somehow takes that next step this year and challenges for the top spot the men's game will become even more interesting.