A Day Of Aces Gone Wrong: Dice K and Pedro Falter Giving Up 13 Runs In 5.1 IP

Aroob KhanContributor IJune 21, 2008

       Two of the premiere starters in baseball had two terrible starts today. The long awaited return of Dice K turned out to be just a 1.0 IP appearance giving up 7 earned runs. Dice Ks fastball not the fastball it was at the start of the season. Could it be the Red Sox's rushed him back too soon? He seemed to be very wild and didn't have his release point.

       In New York Pedro Martinez showed us the Pedro of old for the first 4 Inn's. There is the problem a game is 7 inns long for a starting pitcher. Pedro faltered in the 5th inn as he gave up 2 HR's and 6 earned runs. Pedro Only Lasting 4.1 inn's gave up 9 hits 6 rns walked 1 and struck out 5 and raised his era to 6.57 on the season.

       Could it be that this is the last season for Pedro? He said it in the beginning of the season that if he couldn't get it together he would retire. That raises the question is Pedro a Hall Of Famer? Does he have the stats to get in.

    As for Dice K he will get it together but how long will it take? Can the Red Sox's afford to lose 4-5 of his starts till he gets it together?

    With the trade deadline approaching we could see the Red Sox's have a blockbuster trade while the Mets will be sellers and have or should give up on this season.