2009 NFL Bum Of The Year

Cadmar BluntContributor IDecember 27, 2009

There were a few players vying for this lowly award, i.e. JaMarcus Russel and Bobby Carpenter, but the Atlanta Falcon’s DE Jamaal Anderson proved to be the most useless of all. Jamaal was drafted with the 8th overall pick 2007 to replace Patrick Kerney because the Falcons wanted to get younger and with $40 million they did just that.  Jamaal was only 20 years old so he did in fact get them younger, however he just did not make them better. In his first year, he showed everyone his true lack of greatness by generating 0 sacks and all of 30 tackles in just 16 starts. In 2008, he took his game to the next level and was a nightmare, getting 27 tackles and 2 sacks.  In addition, he compiled those numbers in just 15 games. This year, he has a whole half of a sack with 27 tackles; because of this stellar productivity he was moved to DT. Proving that he is a bum and showing how utterly useless he is, this has also been a failure. However, Jamaal has excelled ever year in collecting Mr. Blank’s money. So congrats on emasing 2.5 sacks in 3 almost 3 years of play... You BUM.     

C. Blunt