Some Thoughts On The Future Of TNA: TNA + NWO(X) = Failure

Pastah ShowtimeContributor IDecember 27, 2009

I normally don't write about TNA, and you are about to find out why.  I was a huge TNA mark in the early 2000's and has grown weary of the company in the past 4 years. I truly viewed them as something else to watch since Vince had already bought up all the competition...again.

I had held my silence/bit my tongue over TNA for a while, but the recent developments with the possible signing of Scott Hall and Sean Waltman was the straw that broke the camel's back.  So now I'm going to use this opportunity to vent on this public network. Upon reading, please leave a response either positive or negative. (WARNING: There is some TNA critique w/ a little bashing.  Let this be a lesson to not hold on to your frustrations.)

I personally hope that getting Hall & Waltman is a one night thing. I think that getting them was TNA's last ditch effort to get more ratings because they found out that they are working against WWE's reunion with Bret Hart (Which is going to destroy TNA's ratings once 8 EST hits). Everyone knows that this is the beginning of the nWo reunion in full force, and that includes Hogan getting back in the ring. Hogan has said that he will not be getting into the ring, but if the fans cheer loud enough (and they will), he would have to give them another show. Given the news of a contract with Hall and Waltman, consider the nWo to be back... Scott Manyard mentioned in his latest article "Another NWO Reunion, I Hope Not" ( that he had seen the "Rise & Fall of WCW" DVD. Realize that the exact executive formula from the latter end of WCW's demise is almost complete. You have Russo, Bischoff, Ferrar, Nash, Jarrett, Hogan, back stage personal drama, etc...

The one man that I think recognizes this is Ric Flair. Note that he didn't sign with TNA, but with Panda Energy, the parent company for TNA. He signed with them so that he will still have a job if/when TNA falls under. TNA has already forgotten what they stand for, and what got them to the main stage in the first place. TNA stands for Total Non-stop Action... Now it stands for Total Needs-to-stop Action. The company once stood on the idea of "We are Wrestling". They were tugging at WWE's coat tails because they (borrowing an Ashley Morris statement) were an alternative product to the soap opera of WWE.

My biggest disagreement with Vince McMahon buying both ECW and WCW was that he eliminated his competition, and also took away the alternative to the WWE product. Sometimes fans want something different from the norm.

I think offering that alternative product was TNA's ticket to success.  The X-Division was the way that they made noise in the first place, and look at it now.  Where is the X-Division? Or better yet, what importance does it hold?

They have let the on-screen drama become more important than their titles.  It seems like TNA wants its fans to say "So what AJ Styles is the champion...Who Cares?!? I wanna see Hulk Hogan!!!"  Hogan gets more air time than Styles, and HOGAN HASN'T RETURNED YET!!!  WWE only mentioned the possibility once...ONCE about the idea of a Bret Hart return and Internet pandemonium ensued. TNA should realize that you don't create a buzz with warning sirens and parades.   

TNA has allowed all the ex-WWE employees to run that company into the ground, and they wonder why they have lost a part of the fan base.  You don't go into a Chinese restaurant and order hot dogs, hamburgers, and fries, so why would I want old (horribly executed) WWE/WCW programming when I tune into TNA Impact.

I wish that TNA would get their act together and put these old-heads into place. Having them in the company isn't a bad idea.  They know something about the business, but having them run the business is bad.  Their track records prove that. Just because you might have been a hit in the ring, you may not be one in the office.

Dixie Carter needs to take Pro-Wrestling History 101 and realize that she is rebuilding a bad formula that has already claimed the life of one company.  These are also some of the same guys that were running things in the WWE when they were getting their butts handed to for a year and a half by WCW.  If you move a rotten egg around in a carton, you still have a rotten egg, and this is no different. The new TNA staff is a ticking time bomb. We are just a few (fill in the blank)-on-A-Pole matches, and a few more factions away from the "Rise & Fall of TNA" DVD that will be on the shelves Summer of 2013.